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Pay For Only The Buyers We Send To You!

We Will Help You Sell Your Restaurant and Let You Keep All The Profit - No Commission!

We have access to the largest database of restaurant buyers.
Over 40,000 registered restaurant buyers.

Tell us what your appetite is for Buyer Leads and how quickly you would like to sell. We will create an email blast to all our registered buyers who match your restaurant profile. 

Your restaurant will be listed For Sale on 150+ Top Media Sites. Including 10 major California News Paper.

We Prequalify All Buyers.
Based on business experience, credit history and net worth.

Confidentiality. All qualified buyers enter into a strict confidentiality Non Disclosure Agreement which will be forwarded to you with the buyers contact information and profile.

Your Selling Cost is directly related to results... Buyer Leads!

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All you need to do to start receiving Buyer Leads is fill out our Restaurant Registration Form. After we receive your Restaurant information we will start advertising and marketing your Restaurant.  

How many Buyer Leads will I receive? This varies depending on the type of Restaurant, location, cash flow, and asking price. Our experience shows that the majority of Buyer Leads come in within the first 30 days and then tapers off until new buyers enter the market. 

What if I don't receive any Buyer Leads? That would be very unlikely, but if that was the case we would be the first to make recommendations to correct it. 

Can I Register my Restaurant with you if I already have my Restaurant list with a Broker?
Yes, absolutely. We are not selling your Restaurant we are only marketing it. What you do with the Buyer Leads that we generate is up to you. You can even pass them over to your Broker to follow up.

After your Restaurant is Registered with us. We will provide you a copy of your Restaurant Listing Flyer for your approval before we launch your marketing campaign.

You can select the Buyer Leads you want to purchase based on the Buyers Profile we will email you. The Buyers Profile will contain the Buyers  Name, Credit Score, Business Experience and Net Worth.

Buyer Leads will be emailed to you with an invoice you can pay by credit card. You can purchase as many Buyer Leads as you want for only $25.00 per lead. Plus you can opt-out on receiving Buyer Leads at any time, but we recommend that you keep your listing active with us until you close escrow.

Need Help Not Sure if You Can or Want to Go It Alone? We have a network of licensed Agents and Brokers thoughout California who can manage the transaction process all the way through to the close of escrow for a small consulting fee.

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California Restaurant Brokers is a licensed Broker in the State of California who has taken a nontraditional path in helping Restaurant owners sell their Restaurant. Our approach takes the pain out of having to give up a large portion of your profit to pay Broker Commissions.  Our services are performance driven, meaning you only pay for qualified buyers that we refer to you that have expressed interest in pursuing the purchase of your Restaurant.  Our proprietary Restaurant Marketing and Advertising Strategies produce excellent results that shortens the sales cycle and saves you thousands of dollars in commissions.  We have access to thousands of Restaurant Buyers who search for specific Restaurants on our Restaurant Affiliate Web Sites. Our program helps Buyers find the Restaurant they are interested in and then we pass their contact information including a signed Non Disclosure Agreement over to the Restaurant owner who owns the Restaurant that the buyer inquired about. The cost of Buyer Leads is only $25.00 per lead and there are no strings attached or contracts to sign.

We specialize in Marketing and Selling Restaurants, including Bagel Shops, Bakery, Bars & Clubs, Beer & Wine Bars, Cafes, Catering, Coffee Shops, Convenience Stores, Deli & Sandwich Shops, Diners, Donut Shops, Ice Cream Shops, Pizzerias, Food Trucks, Fast Food and Quick Serve Restaurants.